‘The things that you do should be things that you love, and the things that you love should be the things that you do!”
-Ray Bradbury

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Ben Workman Smith
Ben Workman Smith is a Sales Development Representative at Concept Design, LLC. Born and raised in the Bellingham area, Ben has always lived his life with joy as his lens of focus. After all, with as great as the sun feels after the PNW’s rainy season and the excitement of seeing a hawk or Blue Heron in the sky at the turn of the season, how could you not?
This joy manifests in Ben’s life primarily through the music he creates at Western Washington University, where he is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Music Education, and in the work he does for his tribe, the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation, at the northern coastal tip of the Redwood Forest. Ben’s mission for his life is to use his lessons through music making to create culture-first music education programs for youth and adults as recreation for the Nation. Reservation Country is infamous for lacking these. That relationship between culture-first music education and quality of life is the question Ben hopes to answer after his Master’s work in anticipation of future Doctorate study.
When Ben isn’t crafting lofty ambition or sensitively crafting architecture relationships, he finds joy in his cello, video games, the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game, dancing, Karaoke with his beautiful partner, and so much more!
Ben is very excited to start his journey here at Concept Design because he loves how the different facets of aesthetics in design inspire joy in the people who plan, build, and ultimately live in it. Ben is particularly interested in what people say about the relationship between color and geometry in their residential spaces. Such relationships show a straight through-line to joy in nearly everyone Ben gets to talk to at this job!
Number of karaoke contests won
Record Number of 1/2" diameter meatballs consumed in one sitting
Tours Funded Entirely by Yodel Performance
New Tolowa Words Learned This Year
Ratio of Ponchos Owned per Days of the Week
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Inspiration, it’s all around us—every building design, every space, even in the trees, rocks, and flowers outside. We are passionate about honoring the architectural trends of the past. And innovating new and unique ideas for the future. Therefore, by using Building Information Modeling software, we can quickly and accurately design a virtual model of a proposed residence, office space, or other buildings for you to view and explore. After, making changes to those models is quick. We look forward to every challenge along the way. And are ready to help you bring your concepts into design and reality!

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