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Emma Pyzer

Emma Pyzer is a Design at Concept Design, LLC. She is a recent graduate of Western Washington University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. In addition, she has a minor in Sustainable Design.

Emma was born and raised in Northern California. Although, she fell in love with the pacific northwest when she came to college. When she is not designing, Emma enjoys painting, bad movies, and befriending local crows.

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Let’s Make Your New Home!

Inspiration, it’s all around us—every building design, every space, even in the trees, rocks, and flowers outside. We are passionate about honoring the architectural trends of the past. And innovating new and unique ideas for the future. Therefore, by using Building Information Modeling software, we can quickly and accurately design a virtual model of a proposed residence, office space, or other buildings for you to view and explore. After, making changes to those models is quick. We look forward to every challenge along the way. And are ready to help you bring your concepts into design and reality!

104 Prospect Street.
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 255-0459