Technical Drawing Services

The technical drawing is the first step in drafting out the picture of your project. There is enough progress to see the idea of your project, but not too far enough for modifications without affecting it negatively. These will be the beginning drawings that will eventually be used as guides when constructing your home. A technical drawing is a detailed plan conveying how an object will be built and made with our software to show the details of a new home building project. A technical drawing may include the location of dimensions, fixtures, and symbols representing critical details in your project.

To communicate, we use different types of visuals. A scale drawing shows how spaces, rooms, and other building components appear from above. An elevation view of a project shows one side of the house in two dimensions. Elevation views are the best way to depict single walls. The proposed structures will be demonstrated in three-dimensional form as renderings. The renderings we create for you communicate these ideas. During this phase, a designer may make recommendations to make the project more tailored to your needs.

Technical Drawing
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Inspiration, it’s all around us—every building design, every space, even in the trees, rocks, and flowers outside. We are passionate about honoring the architectural trends of the past. And innovating new and unique ideas for the future. Therefore, by using Building Information Modeling software, we can quickly and accurately design a virtual model of a proposed residence, office space, or other buildings for you to view and explore. After, making changes to those models is quick. We look forward to every challenge along the way. And are ready to help you bring your concepts into design and reality!

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