“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” – Morticia Addams


Kim Mills

Kim Mills is a Sales Development Representative at Concept Design, LLC. She is originally from Detroit, MI but was raised in Southern California from about the age of 2.5 until 2005, when she moved to Custer, WA, to be close to her parents. Even though she felt entirely out of her element and the lifestyle was so different from the one she had been so used to for so many years, she soon realized that this was the first place in her entire life that just felt like she was home. 

Kim attended Bellingham Technical College and received 2 Associate of Applied Sciences Degrees. One in Process Technology and the other in Instrumentation and Control Technology. She landed an instrument tech job at a refinery in Minnesota right after graduating. 

Returning Home

Then in October 2016, Kim was needed by her father to come back to Washington to help out when her mom got sick; she passed soon after. So, Kim chose to move back permanently. Luckily, amongst all the chaos going on, she could secure a job at Intalco in Ferndale before retrieving all her belongings from Minnesota in the middle of winter. She was there until the curtailment in August 2020. And had also been attending Bellingham Tech for a third Associate’s degree, studying Business Management with the specialty of Human Resource Specialist.

Kim comes from a vast Southern family and is highly family-oriented, even though they are spread out across the country and unable to connect as often as any of them would like. They still seem to protect that family bond. She has two adult daughters; the older one lives here in Ferndale with her husband and two children, ages 3.5 and a newborn. Yes, Kim is a Mimi (Grandma) and very proud and loves every moment. Her younger daughter lives in Tampa, FL. She still lives in her parents’ home in Custer, WA, since her father passed away at the beginning of 2020. Kim couldn’t bear to give it up. Kim has five cats that drive her crazy. 

Kim loves American Muscle and Japanese Import cars, tattoos, Fall and Halloween, horror movies, sappy romance, reality shows of all kinds, strong iced coffee, and won’t turn down a bagel or muffin. Kim has a movie collection of over 2000 DVDs, Blu-Rays, and boxed sets and even still has some VHS. 

A World In Lockdown

Amid a world in lockdown, Kim suddenly gained so much time. It was Covid’s peak, and she was used to working 60-72 hours a week. Her body, let alone her mind, had no idea what to do after working for three and a half years. As she became more interested in crafting, she experimented with various crafts. Besides making epoxy pieces and tumblers, she also makes stickers and soaps.

Kim is success-oriented and driven and wants to leave some legacy for her grandkids, so being able to help people achieve their success and become truly happy in this life would be considered one of her greatest successes.

While not at work Kim will be trying to spend as much time as possible with family, especially her two beautiful and amazing grandbabies, Mason and Molli. She will also try and master at least one of the many crafts she has begun to learn.

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